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Our Mission

Animal of World Foundation (Non-profit organization) is an animal rescue team organized by Americans and Chinese Americans. Over the past five years, we have contributed money as well as donated food and materials to the local animal shelters in the United States. The foundation also helps in rescuing stray cats and dogs, and spaying/neutering, treating diseases and seeking potential adoptions in mainland China. The organization has also brought some disabled and abused dogs that could not be adopted in China to the United States to find them a forever home.


Our Vision

Every year, we participate in boycott Yulin Dog Festival in Guangxi, China. We want China to recognize animal welfare and rights, establish animal protection law to stop cruelty to pets and farm animals.

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Recent Success

We started with rehoming dogs at the greater LA area five years ago, as the team grew, we started the operation of flying in rescued dogs from China for adoption. Over the last two years, we have flown 50 dogs to the US, and with the help of our volunteers, all of them have find their sweet forever homes.

Make a Contribution

Your small contribution do make a huge difference and encourage us to continue bring rescued dogs from China.


With the help of our volunteers, we contently have new dogs arriving from China. Please check out our Facebook page to see the latest arrivals.

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Love, care and better home are essential need for every animals. You can take that chance to foster our rescued dogs before their forever home.

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We have about 50 volunteers in our organization. You can join us either becoming a transpacific angel to bring dogs over from China or help the homless animals to find their homes.

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Featured Rescues

Those animals suffered abuse and animal cruty. Their fates changed as our volunteers rescured them and brought them to the States. Their stories are truly inspirational. Those animals are what motivte us to work harder. One more dog we can fly to US, one more dog can have a better life.

Success Stories

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If you have any questions about our works and organisation feel free to contact with us.

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