“Pewfect pet show”

Let your dog become next superstar

If your dog is incredible

If your dog is pretty

If your dog has a special story to tell

“Pewfect pet show”

Let the shining light of your baby dog bloom to everyone heart’s content

Sign up for your dog to join our event!

“Pewfect pet show” is an online dog competition jointly hosted by the US NEW RABBIT GROUP LLC, K9 N YOU, and Animal of World Foundation.

We aim to provide a stage for cute dogs and their owners to show off.

The event is free registration, all applicants will also get a small dog bowl as souvenir or an Amazon gift card, while supplies last! Winners will earn cash gifts, exquisite certificates, dog dry food, Amazon gift cards, and many other prizes!

How to Enter:

1. Visit http://www.pawfectpetshow.com and register online

2. Complete the application

3. Upload at least one photo or a video of your dog(s)

4. Voting instructions will be sent once you complete the process

5. Contest begins from now and ends on August 5, 2021

6. Share your voting link on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, and etc.)

Photo/Video format requirements:

Participants will upload at least one photo and one HD video for their dogs

1. Photo needs to be in JPG format and no larger than 5 MB in file size.

2. Video can be MP4 or MOV format within 1 minute and file size has to be less than 150 MB

3. Photos/videos must be taken within the past year.

How to win the contest:

There are three rounds: preliminary, semi-final, and final.

Each round has a different theme. Participants can use the same photos or videos to participate in all three rounds of the competition. If you upload photos and videos in each round according to different themes, you will have the opportunity to receive a special gift from the organizer. Each round’s theme will be announced at the end of the previous round. All qualified participants will have enough time to take photo(s)and video(s).

First round – preliminary round (August 8 to August 28)

Through online voting, the top 50 vote getter will be announced on August 29 and will move on to the next round.

Second round – semi-finals (September 8 to September 14)

According to the total score of the online public voting (60%) and the judges’ scores (40%), the top 20 with the highest scores will move on to the final.

At the same time, the eight Winners of the special awards will be announced by the judges during this round, ” The most Vigor Award”, “Best Talent Award”, ” Best Comedy Award”, “Best Dressed Award”, “Cutest Award”,” Most Naughty Award”, “Best look-alike award”, and Best Smile Award.

The final list of winners will be announced on October 13.

The announcement dates and voting period are subjected to change without prior notice.

Please check the official website for updates. “Pawfect Pet Show” will always adhere to the principles of fairness, justice, and transparency.

Contest rewards:

1st place: cash prize of US$2,000 and 12 months of free dog food.

2nd place: cash prize of US$1,000 and 9 months of free dog food.

3rd place:cash prize of US$500 and 6 months of free dog food.

Eight special awards and special jury awards winners: cash prize of US$200 and 3 months of free dog food.

For participation awards, the top 20 and top 50 will receive a certificate of exquisite.

The final interpretation right belongs to “Pewfect pet show” .